MSII provides instruction in Tai Chi and Stress Management

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About Mfundishi Olafemi


Mfundishi Olafemi has conducted many classes and workshops in Chicago, Milwaukee, Washington D.C., Atlanta, and elsewhere. He has taught for the Chicago City Colleges, the Central YMCA Colleges, in high schools, for the YMCA, and the Chicago Youth Centers.  His programs have been sponsored by High Ridge YMCA, Ada S. McKinley Foster Care, and for the Community Youth Creative Learning Experience (C.Y.C.L.E.) program in Chicago, and the Calvary Baptist Church of Glenwood.  Recent programs were offered at following Chicago south and south suburban locations: Homewood/Flossmoor Park District, Tinley Park Park District, Matteson Park District, Calumet Memorial Park District, and Earth & Beyond Metaphysical Bookstore (Tinley Park, IL), Essential Element Martial Arts Academy and Prairie State College. He is currently teaching in Chicago and in Milwaukee.

Mfundishi Olafemi A. Watangulizi (Samuel Johnson) has been studying and teaching Martial Science since 1970.  Martial Science covers a variety of disciplines including Tai Chi Chuan, Kiungo Cha Mkono, Hsing-Yi, Pa-Kua, Ba Chi, Chi Kung, Taoist Meditation/Longevity Exercises, Shaolin Chuan Kung Fu, Tai Chi Ruler, and Tui Shou.  Related disciplines include stress management/relaxation therapy, meditation, various breathing techniques, self-massage, and the course called Fitness for the New Millennium.  Mfundishi Olafemi has studied Martial Science with Nganga Mfundishi Tolo-Naa since 1977.  He also studied the Wu system of Tai Chi Chuan with Professor Huo Chi-Kwang and Traditional Chinese Medicine with Dr. Han Lin-Yun of China and Chicago.

About Tai Chi


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Here is what you will learn

  • Develop your root
  • Move from your center
  • Develop strength, endurance, and mastery
  • Increased energy cultivation methods
  • Strength building through posture development
  • Increased relaxation and peace

Martial Science Institute International

Mfundishi Olafemi brings over 40 years of Tai Chi and other Internal Martial Arts experience to his students with his Empowerment Tai Chiprogram. If you are new to Tai Chi practice or a veteran Tai Chi student, this class will help you have a form that is based on true energy and strength.

Programs are based on the following systems of traditional training:

Chinese Systems -- MSII specializes in Tai Chi, particularly Lao Yang style Tai Chi.  Lao Yang was brought to the United States from China by GrandMaster Lu Hung-Ping who learned it from one of the sons of Yang Lu Chan (the founder of the Yang School of Tai Chi.  MSII also teaches Secret Family Yang Style, Yang Popular Style, Chen, and Wu styles of Tai Chi.   

African Systems -- MSII is one of the few organizations that offers Kupigana Ngumi, or African style martial arts developed by Nganga Mfundishi Tolo-naa. Since the time of Kemet (ancient Egypt) and other cultures in Africa there has had a time-honored warrior tradition in African culture. This culture has developed a number of special techniques that are unparalleled in martial arts.  

Taoist Systems -- Taoist training relies on systems that actually have antecedents in various cultures. MSII teaches Taoist meditation, longevity exercises and a system of self-body massage that will improve health. MSII teaches various Taoist breathing techniques that, if practiced faithfully, will relieve stress and open spiritual dimensions.